mardi 27 septembre 2011

Jewel of the Sea walkthrough- painting process part 1

I wanted to play with complementary colors and I choosed various greens for the sea and a fiery mix of orange and red for the coral. 

Here's a first scan of the background in progress !

The color of the sea is a mix of various layers of Terry Harrison's "country olive" and "midnight green " (a deep olive green and deep forest green) and of Daniel Smith's "undersea green"( a more yellowish green). This green is simply wonderful ! It seems to be made out of seaweed !
I let each layer dry before adding a new color and I used sea salt and rubbing alcohol to create texture.

The coral has been created by mixing Windsor and  Newton's "Brown Madder" and Daniel Smith's "Quinacridone deep gold" and by adding sea salt and table salt when the paint was still wet. I'm so happy with the texture it created when drying !! :) 

The maiden's skin is a mix of both the sea and the coral colors to really create the impression that she is an underwater creature and that she is part of the sea. Her hair are a strong mix of Terry Harrison's "country olive" and "Daniel Smith's "undersea green".

I added more structure to the coral and painted the seaweed using the wonderful "undersea green" color from Daniel Smith ! Just perfect for underwater landscapes !!! :) 

Any comments or questions ? Feel free to ask or leave your impressions !!! :)

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