dimanche 2 octobre 2011

Jewel of the Sea finished painting !!

I'm so happy I managed to finish it !! :) 

I really wished to create a sea maiden, which will looks a little bit otherwordly with a greenish skin and hair the color of seaweeds. I wished her to be one of the jewels of the sea, one of the gardian of the undersea world  dressed in shells, coral and pearls. I'm quite happy with the results ! 

I hope you like this new painting and the walkthrough I created !! :)

Jewel of the sea painting process-part 2

Second part of the painting process ! :) I begun to paint the coral above her and the seashells on her dress. I mixes various roses, purples and blue/greys, then I add some rubbing alcohol to create some sort of light texture. 
I also begun to add some details on the first seashells of her dress with white acrylic.

More seashells !! :) I took various books and pictures as references for she seashells as I really wish them to be the more realistic and detailed as possible. Here there are not completely done as I'm planning to add more texture on them with white acrylic. 
I use mixes of quinacridone gold, alizarin crimson, colbalt blue and cobalt violet to try to reproduce the shimmering colors of the seashells. For the sparkling aspect I add a light glaze of watercolor iridescent medium.

I'll add more depth on the maiden's skin and her as I really wish she looks a kind of fantastical and otherwordly and I'll also add more details on the seashells.